Sunday, 4 November 2012

Royal Breakspear Company EP out today!

Hear yea, hear yea! After months of teasing, Skanky Panky big man William Breakspear releases the Royal Breakspear Company EP today. It's a total belter, packed with bass jumping, booty bumping collaborations from some of the UK's finest: Mouldy Soul, Krossbow, Jiffster and WhiteNoiseBoy, as well as long time Skanky Panky affiliate K+Lab from NZ, plus a banging VIP of Vowel Mouthed, the classic SP collab with co-honcho SixAM. BUY IT HERE!

As a further visual collaboration, for Nervous System with Krossbow The Brothers Lynch have made this wicked POV suburban Parkour gaming video with runners Mathanda Mutero and Patrick Howeson:

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