Sunday, 27 May 2012

Glade Festival ticket competition + The Meteor

Not long now 'til Glade Festival! Taking place from 14 - 17 June 2012, it really is the electronic dance music event of the summer. The big excitement this year is The Meteor - a bass filled crater in the woods completely dedicated to glitch hop and all it's myriad variations! 

For your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Festival courtesy of UK Glitch Hop, just tag yourself into this photo by Wednesday 30 May and listen into the Colony Productions show on Glitch.FM from 10pm-12 that night to see if you've won.
Click here to enter

Then watch this video about how it's all coming together, thanks to the hard work of The Head of State, Andy Ellis, and the rest of the Uppercut Crew:

The line-up pretty much reads as 'the best of UK Glitch Hop', including our Glitch.FM residents Your Niece, Mouldy Soul, William Breakspear and Colony Productions!

Presented by Uppercut:
Akira Kiteshi
Tom Encore
Irk and Moneyshot

Earnest Endeavours Presents:
B. Bravo
Darkhouse Fam
Patchwork Pirates

Skanky Panky Records Presents:
Zen Death Squad
William Breakspear ft. Georgina Upton
Hosted by MC SAS

Donky Pitch Presents:
Ghost Mutt
Boss Kite

Senseless Records Presents:
Mak & Pasteman
Sarantis Wildsystem

Colony Productions Presents:
Mouldy Soul

Robox Neotech Presents:


Jump Music Presents:
Hungry Man
Septic Insurgent
Harky & Cosmo

Mike Hulme
Shamanic Technology
DJ Shookz
Mr Jack
Oz Pinnock
Ben in Rome
Mike Gill

The Head of State
Sweet Jesus
Your Niece

We can't wait!

Friday, 4 May 2012

April round up: Da Choons


Slugabed's long awaited début Time Team is out today through Ninja Tune with the single Sex landing a few weeks back. He's really been at the forefront of an off kilter hip hop sound for a few years now and this could be the release that sees him get the props he deserves.

KURSA's Machinate EP came out through Adapted, showing his heavy and playful side in equal measure. From what we've seen of the names lined up to do the remixes they're gonna be jaw dropping

Remember that badass Sedge Warbler album? So do all the sick monkeys that have remixed it, including SixAM, Jiffster and Cut la Roc

Donky Pitch's Keyboard Kid 206 was featured on The Guardian new band of the Day, just in time for this tasty little EP


SixAM has given away a banger of track to get you liking his new Soundcloud. Remixes offer a nice twist too. What are you waiting for?

Mouldy Soul lets Snoop abuse his teapot

KURSA gives you a free neuro-boner
The Beat Dweebs got caught up in Cash For Flapjacks scandal with Spinforth over at

Freq Nasty comes home for Secret Garden Party this summer. Shame he's not bringing Knight Riderz with him

Pistol Shrimp come back with a funked up club classic

Koan Sound gave Kasabian a working over

Wolfie Razzmatazz delivers another genie-arse Opiuo swing mash up

Glitch Mob inspired beats from Bath via INFINITY


Skanky Panky Boss William Breakspear's been getting us wet for his debut album at the end of May with a series of collaborations and a very welcome refix of an old classic. They're not released until September though - that is a tease!(bastad)

Mouldy Soul's remixed AMB. Just don't keylock it when you mix it or he'll batter you with his bass dildo

KURSA has been a busy man and it's all sounding delicious
Bobby Tank was also picked up as Guardian new band of the Day. He continues to prolifically make noise like this. "it's an eargasmic onrush of everything"
The leg-end that is Si Begg has a new track on an Enig'matik, due in just a couple of weeks called "Painting Pictures On Silence v2" Compiled by label boss Sun In Aquarius who's done some pretty tasty Tipper remixes lately
Bristol producer SPenghead gives us a taster of his début EP out this month
Dephicit teased us with a work in progress a while back, but we weren't prepared for how funky it would end up

Beat3 gonna knock you out
This is a very funky mid-tempo taster from electro producer DivKid
-Butler Reeves- who seems to be better know for his swing turns his hand to arcade lazer laced glitch step to great effect in this track

Klem in Brighton has finished his first track and it's a chilled out bass and glitch beauty. Looking forward to more like this

This is a pretty lush downtempo glitch number from Mykus

Beautiful downtempo from Lhasa Mencur
To finish off - this the first track from Son of Glitch's new live project. Be interested to see what their set-up is!