Wednesday, 8 May 2013 #62: Volatile Psycle interview

This week on Glitch.FM Your Niece is hosting a half hour of turbo powered bass filth from Volatile Psycle. Here's a little interview with the lads who topped the Beatport glitch hop charts for two weeks last year with their big swing single Gramophone.

Please introduce yourselves..

Volatile Psycle are Dan Lawrence and Jimmy Chick.

How would you describe your style of music?

Our music is varied, from dark and techy drum'n'bass to upbeat Glitch Hop. Usually we end up more on the filthy side of things though!

Where are you from \ living in the UK? What's the scene like there?

We reside in Norwich, a city in Norfolk in the south east of the UK. The Glitch scene isn't massive at the minute down here, but it is growing all the time!

Your last single Gramophone was #1 on the beat port glitch hop chart for some time - how did that feel?

Our friend and collab partner 'Charged' had a big hand in that track too, so he was able to share our success which was cool. Exposure for us, especially on You tube has grown massively since that track dropped.

What first turned you onto this style? Any particular artists or tracks?

We are both big lovers of Drum'n'Bass and hip hop, so when we became aware of Glitch it really struck a chord. First time i heard Koan Sound's 'Max Out' i knew this was something we had to get our teeth into together...

Where do you like to play the most?

We like to play anywhere! not fussy its great playing in your hometown, but it will be wicked to play different places and meet new people. We are hoping on going out to Holland and Russia later this year for Drum'n'Bass and Glitch Hop nights respectively.

What's the craziest gig you've ever played?

Craziest gig we played was at a night called Color in Norwich, warming up for DnB legend DJ Hype.... we split it into half and half Glitch and DnB, and it went down an absolute storm! Real shame the nights had to stop at the Waterfront there due to policing issues....

For all the tech geeks out there - what kit do you use?

We use Reason, and love it!

Who's inspiring you at the moment?

Inspirational artists have to be Koan Sound and Noisia, probably quite cliche but they are that for a reason! Spor/ Feed Me and Doc P are pretty smokin' too! But the leader of the pack is Liam Howlett. The mans a don.

What's your jam right now?

'Once Again' by Gerruzz, out on Adapted.

Who are you looking out for musically in 2013?

In the Glitch world this year - Seva, Mandrake, S Dexter, I.Y.F.F.E and pretty much anyone on the Adapted roster....

What's the next project in the pipeline?

Our first E.P on Adapted Records, 'Revolution', is out on 27th May, all 3 tracks are featured on this mix, all our glitch hop is now exclusively signed with Adapted which we are really chuffed about, the manager Corey there is really pushing things in the right direction! We also have some DnB/ Dubstep projects to finish off for a couple of other labels, so we are all stations go at the minute!

Where are you most looking forward to playing next?

Really hoping to get some international gigs under our belt, and with the help of our manager Max Allerhand (for bookings please contact: that will hopefully become reality quite soon! Russia and Holland look likely destinations in the near future...


Thursday, 2 May 2013 #61 - [Beta Test] Terrorbyte and Automaton + Chris De Luca [Funkstorung]

Beta Test return with hosts Terrorbyte and Automaton for UK Glitch Hop. This week features more exclusive clips from the label's forthcoming debut vinyl release 'Chemical Coercion', Automaton plays some of his mix from last week's Carousel  plus a very special guest mix from Chris De Luca - One half of electronic pioneers Funkstorung!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Drop Beats Not Bombs, Birmingham, Saturday 4 May 2013: Beta Test, DJ Switch, Shamanic Technology, Spenghead, Skanky Panky Records

Terrorbyte from Beta Birmingham looks ahead to the 10th anniversary of Drop Beats Not Bombs -  a party with a purpose in Birmingham. Catch Harley on the Basstronics Stage with DJ Switch, Shamanic Technology, Spenghead, Skanky Panky Records and Beta Test Records live.

It seems so unreal to say that Drop Beats Not Bombs started TEN years ago but that is the truth of it.
So much has happened in that time, so many ups and downs behind the scenes, and I'm sure in all of your lives too. Blimey, there wasn't even Facebook, Twitter, smartphones or a coalition government back then.....

We have all come such a long way in the past decade but at the same time nothing has changed. Looking around, what do we see? More war, more death, more pain. Are the lessons ever learnt? Perhaps, when we all marched on London in February 2003 we should have done more than we did. Our mere presence and voice was not enough then and the lack of any change in direction from our elected government has had a significant effect on the protest movement as a whole, in my humble opinion.

Even so, I felt it would be wrong to let the ten year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the very first Drop Beats Not Bombs event go by without us coming together again. So Saturday 4th May we will ride the Drop Beats Not Bombs beast once more. The event will run from 9pm-6am.

I have a road in Birmingham all ready to be closed off with a warehouse space next to it. It has never been used before and, as we did so many times with Drop Beats Not Bombs, we will show Birmingham something new.

There will be one live main stage within the warehouse and five other stages out on the closed off street. There will be food stalls, pleasant and friendly security and as many info stalls as can be mustered. If you want to contribute something please do get in touch.


Nova - Too Many Ts - Major Triadz - Alternative Dubstep Orchestra - B.I.D. aka The Bootlegger - Earth Is Flat - Jam Tidy - PCM - Enigma Dubz - 2 Smokin DJs - The Beatbox Collective - Sicknote - Feva - Hey Zeus - DJ Shorty - hosted by MC Taz

SECTION 18 - Drum and Bass Stage

Jordan V - Mutated Forms - Mistanoise - TNT & Vytol - PMX - Tim Ryan - Raw Theory - Andy Massive - Toomz - Scarce - Richie Swift - Dat Kyid - Snypa Riley - MC PM

BETA BIRMINGHAM - Basstronics Stage 

Barbarix - Shamanic Technologies - ADJ - Beta Test (live) - Spenghead - DJ Switch - Kryme - Skanky Panky Allstars - Leon Trimble


Danny Mekanik - Kelvin Andrews - Lovebeats - Craig Chambers - Martynappropriate - JO-EE-T - Dixon Pickles - Akahum Ft Melodie Forrester

WONKEY HI-FI - Roots & Dub Stage

Wonkey Hi-Fi - Automaton Ft Cheshire Cat (live) - Iman Issachar - Don Carlo - Pure Phase - Daddy Hovis & The Biscuit Tin Selectas - I-Mitri - Version Girl

CUSTOM MADE - Chill Stage

Adam Posh One - Jon Harris - Lenny OMP - Rob J - Marvin Carpenter - Big Andy - Mark Smallman - Ben Dunn - Bobby Bird

Plus full-on visual assault from over 30 of the UKs finest VJ crews