Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Where to get your glitch this month

With nights in Birmingham, Bournemouth, London, Bristol and Exeter it's April shaping up to be a big month! If you're up for writing a review of any of these nights then drop us an email ->

uk glitch hop at g mail dot com (alloneword)

Friday 30 March

Dark Knights 4th Birthday

Exeter Pheonix

Mouldy Soul headlines the Riddim Fruit room with local lad Dephicit delivering more glitch b2b with Subindex. Keep an eye on Hiddim Riddim and the rest of the drew for more sneaky bleeps and quality ghetto funk.

Saturday 31 March


Union, Vauxhall, London

UK Glitch Hop's Morbidly Obese Midget will be munching through glitch-funk-hop-swing-bass back-to-back with Agent Smith in the Wonderland cabaret at the Imaginarium from 2 - 3.15am. There's also plenty of filthy bass courtesy of Schroff, Mary Miss Fairy Lynch the Hangman vs. Rob Voodoo in the main room. Expect a burlesque steampunk fetish rave in space.

Friday 13 April

Beta Birmingham Colony Showcase

The End

UK Glitch Hop DJ alert! Mouldy Soul headlines a Colony Productions showcase alongside Mike from Crunch. Beta Birmingham's own Terrorbyte and Automaton in support. Loving the flyer artwork.

Friday 13 April

Donkey Punch Festival of Freaks: The Badgers Nutz

02 Academy Southampton

Vent headlining the Badger's Nuts room with local boys Beat3, Shamanic Technology and Pesticide plus Uppercut residents Your Niece and Sweet Jesus. In the other room you've got ghetto funk, hip hop and swing'n'bass courtesy of Dub Mafia, JFB, Benji Boko, Dutty Moonshine and Dizraeli's Small Gods. MASSIVE night for the South Coast!

Friday 20 April

Audio Donughts and Ninja Tune present: Slugabed Time Team album launch

Crucifix Lane, London

Debut album launch for the man of the moment, Slugabed. Plus Fatty DL and Lazer-fucking-Sword all the way from LA. Not to be missed.

Thursday 26 April

Riddim Fruit Records Party

Bristol, Venue tbc

Mouldy Soul is playing, more details soon!

Saturday 28 April

The Drop presents We are Skint

Timbuk2, Bristol

Kursa in the house!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Inaudible interview

When Corporate Propaganda came out on Muti Music in early 2010, I was delighted to see that it'd been made by someone from the UK. Now, although he's currently lounging around on a beach somewhere in Thailand, Inaudible has found the time to give us an interview and a guest mix for UK Glitch Hop on this Wednesday 28 March, 10pm-12am GMT. 

Here's the Facebook event: Morbidly Obese Midget + Inaudible guest mix on

Or you can listen to the UK Glitch Hop archive here

How would you describe your particular style of glitch? 

Bass driven electronic music. I like to think that the bass/lead are creating the groove rather than the drums (obviously they work together too). I try to change up what I’m doing as much as possible so that it isn’t too pigeonholable. I like to make music as slow and heavy as possible but still with enough groove to dance too, lately I’ve really enjoyed making half time stuff at 100-110.

When I play out I play stuff a bit wonkier than what I produce, I love awkward swung slow grooves, anything which is difficult to put a genre tag on. Which is why I guess I like Glitch-Hop so much, it’s very difficult to pigeonhole as a genre.

What first turned you onto glitch hop and mid tempo?

I was getting quite into the more glitched end of breaks / prog / techno (NuBreed, Luisine, Andy Page, Habersham etc…) when I stumbled across a couple of SOTEG tracks. I think it may have been his track Ebeneezer which first cracked it for me. From there I discovered Kraddy, I remember the illegal album getting a silly amount of listens early on which obviously led me onto the Glitch Mob, Bassnectar, Vibesquad… then BOOM!

A few big tracks for me early on were:
Son Of The Electric Ghost – Ebeneezer
Kraddy and Bassnectar – Snake Charmer
Bassnectar – Zealots Slowed Down

Your had early releases through Muti Music and Car Crash Set, two of the major glitch hop labels in San Francisco. How did they come about? 

Other than 2 early tracks, the Corporate Propaganda and Game Theory EPs were my first productions. I sent the Corporate Propaganda EP around a bunch of my favourite labels to try my luck, and Dov from Muti said he’d release it. Which I couldn’t have been more stoked about, Muti Music being my favourite Glitch Hop label. Similarly Cosby at Car Crash Set said he would pick up the Game Theory and Black Swan, which was wicked. Car Crash Set have had some amazing releases.

Since then other than a few remixes I’ve been doing my own thing. I don’t seem to be able to make anything resembling a cohesive EP. I just make whatever I feel like at the time and end up with a collection of tracks varying quite a bit in style, so I’ve been putting them out myself. Maybe if I was a bit more patient and held onto tracks for longer they would have more cohesion, however I just sort of want to get tracks out there as soon as they are finished.

You've been featured on both the recent Beta Birmingham comps, what's the scene like there? 

Obviously Dubstep is pretty big here, as it is everywhere else at the moment, a few nights cater for the deeper stuff and a decent amount of electronica passes through town. There’s a reasonable amount of Glitch Hop being played at the moment, mainly at the Hare and Hounds where sometimes a bit of Glitch Hop will be played, just not as the main attraction. However The Beta Birmingham crew have just started putting on Bi-Monthly events in Brum, at which Glitch Hop is heavily supported. Last month they had William Breakspear down and next (13th April) they have Mouldy Soul coming to town. So big things be afoot.

Where are you now? 

I moved to Bangkok where I am teaching English for the year, don’t worry, I’ll be coming back in the UK

You manging to play or produce much out there? 

Zero at the moment. For the first time in 3 months I have something resembling a studio. Now I’m a little more settled here (had a crazy first 2 months) I’ll start hitting the bass nights and try get involved in the scene here. There’s a LOT less electronic music here than in the UK.

Have you got the gasmask with you? Is it a pain to play in? 

No I’ve not brought one over to BKK with me (I have 3 of them) however I will get one shipped over soon. It’s an absolute arse to play in, if it’s hot as it steams up, I need to sort some ventilation out inside of it so that my panting doesn’t steam it up so much.

What's the craziest gig you've ever played? 

Have played in a venue a few times in fancy dress because I was barred from the place, and at another gig some idiots started throwing rocks through all the venues windows it was like a warzone in there, however I’ve not played out to any silly large numbers of people. I played to more people when I was playing breakbeat before I got into production than under the inaudible pseudonym, this needs to change.

What's your favourite track at the moment? 

heRobust – Facebook Lift, heRobust is on fire at the moment, he just put out a double album on the Saturate! Label which is fire, I’m completely blown away by how future it is.

Who's inspiring you at the moment? 

Robert Glasper, Dimlite, Dorian Concept, Lapux, Robot Kotch, Tipper, Swarms, Nicolas Jaar, Flako, James Blake, Rumpistol, Eskmo, Spoonbill, heRobust.

Who are you looking out for in 2012? 

On the UKGH Tip: Breakspear, Mouldy Soul, Beat3. General Glitch Hop: Freddy Todd, Love and Light, Blunt Instrument. On the Wonkier tip: Dolor, Moa Pillar, Baconhead, Squeaky Lobster, +Verb, Coco Bryce, Swede:Art

You've recently remixed +Verb, Splatinum and Freddy Todd? What have you got in the pipeline?

Nothing at the moment I’m afraid. I haven’t touched Ableton for nearly 5 months now, life has been getting in the way. However as of this week, for the first time since December, I have something resembling a studio (desk, laptop, decent headphones and a controller) so as of now I’m back in the studio, if you can call it that. Which makes me immensely happy, I’ve missed making music so much.

When's the next beach party? 

It’s Songkran festival in a few weeks so there could well be a week long water-fight / party planned on the cards.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

UK Glitch Hop #5: Mike Wallis (Colony Productions) interview

Mike Wallis went to school with Dave Tipper. Sharing a love of electronic dance music and IDM they started producing together as Crunch, with their first release in 2000. By 2001 Mike had co-founded Colony Productions, the label he still runs today with Sam Ashwell from Vent. Tune into from 10pm-12am Wednesday 21 March to catch Mike's first UK Glitch Hop radio show or catch up on our archive here.

Introduce yourself... 
Mike Wallis aka Psi Spy, one half of Crunch with Tipper and one half of Abstrakt Knights with Sam Ashwell.

How would you describe your particular style of glitch?
More IDM than anything else.

When you first started making music as Crunch, glitch hop didn't exist. What did you start out doing?
Just chilling in the studio experimenting for the fun of it.

What first turned you onto glitchy music? Any particular artists or tunes?
Autechre specifically for the glitchiness but old school Rephlex techno releases
for the mood and most of the Warp back catalogue along with years of buying
Jungle, D&B, Dub, Trip Hop 12"s

We're using a label, glitch hop, to describe quite a wide range of music. When did you first hear music being described in this way?
Only recently really. We had coined the term Bit Hop previously (UKGH -back in about 2003!), but I like the sound of Glitch Hop.

Your own label Colony Productions, which you run with Sam from Vent, has been going since 2001. How have you seen the UK music scene change in this time?
The digital revolution is now in full effect.

How about the rest of the world?
It's getting smaller and smaller.

Where do you like to play the most?
Wherever the best party is..

What's the craziest gig you've ever played?
Miami with the Schematic crew.

What's your favourite track at the moment?
The whole of Broken Soul Jamboree from Tipper.

Who's inspiring you at the moment?
Zakir Hussain and the masters of percussion, saw them live a few months ago and it blew me away.


Who are you looking out for in 2012?
Vent, new material on the way and Mouldy Soul.

What new releases have you got in the pipeline?
Bran (Richards) is up next and has just been sent out on Promo.

Where can we see you playing next and over the summer?
April 13th for Beta Birmingham and Glade.

What have you got lined up for your first show on Glitch FM?
Some classic Colony back catalogue and a guest mix from KrossBow. See ya there!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Review - Uppercut: Bareknucle Bass, Hackney Wick, 10 March 2012

UK Glitch Hop editor Morbidly Obese Midget reviews Uppercut: Bareknucle Bass for Spoonfed, one of the few media outlets in the country with a dedicated interest in glitch hop, thanks largely to the efforts Editor-in-Chief Lowri Clarke. Check the links throughout!

Your Niece coming in your ears with sonic lazers
Glitch hop pretty much originated in the UK, so I’ve always been a bit puzzled as to why it’s never really taken off here. Uppercut is one of a number of nights burgeoning around the country that has set out not only to remedy this situation, but to raise the bar. With underfloor speakers. 

How does that work in a Hackney Wick warehouse?! Well apparently the answer is to build a two tier pyramid-come-boxing ring that takes up most of the main room and stuff it with bass bins. As we arrive, Atomic Drop are demonstrating the Funktion-One system in full effect with their energetic dancehall, electro house and dubstep. You could feel your legs tremble the minute you set foot on the first tier, which turned into full shakes on the dance platform. There‘s no option but to dance, especially with these boys at the controls. 

SixAM gets 'em bouncing
The first glitch hop DJ on the bill is SixAM, co-founder of Liverpool's Skanky Panky Records. For a brief moment at the start of his set, I wonder whether the audience is ready for mid-tempo in the main room at 2am, but as Buddha pulls out remixes of DJ Fresh, DJ Hype and Ray Charles the party really got going. Pretty soon the pyramid is packed with bodies popping and bumping to the jacking beats, with fresh dubs from Skanky Panky and big tunes from the likes of The Glitch Mob. The dancefloor is a melee of fur, animal tails and incredible patterned onesises. Secret Garden Party goers would feel quite at home. 

L-Biz on the ones and twos (in a pimped-out 1960s spaceship)
Being Hackney Wick, I’d been expecting a rather grimier warehouse, but the Autumn Street Studios are a surprisingly nice conversion with friendly bouncers, affordable drinks and plenty of space to dance. The second room, hosted by Tell Tails, resembles a graffiti jam disguised as a festival tent - the perfect setting for an old skool scratch set from L-Biz of Beat3. It’s further enhanced by some rather talented girls with hoop that looks like it’s been forged from pure rainbows. 

Escaped rainbows sighted in Hackney
Back in the main room, the ceiling sweat showers have already started, whilst Head of State breaks out of filthy d'n'b into a particularly fat remix of Jump Around. As if we have any choice. Outside, in the shadow of the Olympic Park, smokers lounge on bare-spring sofas and crouch on fire escape steps. 
Your Niece paints with his face
UK Glitch Hop and Uppercut resident, Your Niece has been pioneering crunk in the UK for years and his opening set for Bassnectar at Secret Garden Party last year completely blew me away, so I’m really looking forward to seeing him. He doesn't disappoint, carrying the ever-energetic crowd on a bass odyssey into the morning, from popping glitch to carpet bombing bass. Psymbionic's Intergalactic remix has the whole floor bouncing like mad, as do fresh tunes from Akira Kiteshi, Ben Samples and Bassnectar, and the odd snatches of familiar riff form the likes of Muse. Lazer noises in the music are sketched out by real ones, strafing the smoke-filled air with coloured shapes and beams. 
Beat3 "I can hear Britney"
By the time Bournemouth producers Beat3 take the stage, dawn’s already filtering through the skylights. On laptops, pads and decks, playing lots of original tunes as well as recent releases from Koan Sound, DCarls and Adapted Records, their bouncy funk hop is the perfect end to the night. As party goers drop into cuddle puddles at the back of the vibrating stack, a spilled drink on the stage at the front dances in ripples and spikes with every thump of the bass. 

Free back massage
The Uppercut crew recently announced a ridiculous glitch hop line-up for The Meteor Stage at Glade Festival, hosted by themselves, Skanky Panky, Donky Pitch, Jump Music and Colony Productions, with headliners including Ben Samples, VENT, Akira Kiteshi, Slugabed, Zen Death Squad, Memory 9 and Koan Sound. If this is just a small taste things to come, I'm going to have to get in training." 

*Tune into Glitch.FM every Wednesday from 10pm-12am for UK Glitch Hop with Morbidly Obese Midget, Your Niece, Skanky Panky Records, Mouldy Soul and Colony Productions.*

Sunday, 11 March 2012

UK Glitch Hop on Glitch.FM #4: Mouldy Soul interview

With a series of releases on Colony Productions and BroKEn Records in the last few months, Mouldy Soul has already become a producer to watch in 2012. For his UK Glitch Hop debut he's going to be previewing an hour long live set and much, much more. Tune in 10pm-12am Wednesday 14 March or catch up on our archive here:

Introduce yourself...

My name is Richard Carrigan and my stage name is Mouldy Soul

How would you describe your particular style of glitch?
The best description I've heard is: "This isn't dubstep; this is Marks and Spencer's dubstep." I'd say it was optimistic wobble funk with the occasional helping of self loathing step! I've also been described as a "Digital Hendrix"... but that was by me, just then.

What first turned you onto glitch hop and mid tempo? Any particular artists or tunes?
Basically the answer is Glade Festival fed me an Omelette and I liked it! A few years ago they had Spoonbill on the line up. Never heard his tunes before, found his myspace and fell in love with his sound almost instantly. I say almost as the first track I listened to was Woodenspoon and I didn't really know how to interpret it at the time, but after listening to a few more tunes like Mangle Boogie Bangle and Bunkerfunk, I quickly became familiar with his releases because everything he touches is gold!

Here's a few tunes that have given me so much joy:

From Spoonbill we found Opiuo and others like the Mollusk, Mr Bill and basically just fell in love with the musical output of Australia from then on! Their music was a breath of fresh air after being so heavily exposed to the dark and sinister sounds coming from the UK at the time.

Your first few releases were all through Colony Productions, the London label run by Crunch and Vent, which has some serious glitch pedigree. How did that come about?
I made Wine and Shine, sent it to a DJ mate (Dave Quextal) who is renowned for horribly criticising tracks, ended up getting some surprisingly nice feedback and he suggested a few labels to send it to. Sent it to a couple of labels, one of them was Colony, got some great feedback from them and they decided to release it.

You were sitting at the top of the Addictech charts for quite a while at the end of last year, how did that feel?
Almost as good as seeing a double rainbow :) I was really happy with the way the Hypersquelch ep went down, it was definitely a confidence booster as I doubted my own abilities way too much, also the feedback I receive from my awesome followers on Soundcloud has given me a great deal of confidence to be able to continue to push myself to achieve ever greater things. So here's a massive thank all of you!

What's the scene like where you are?
Idyllic countryside, sweet pastures and the smell of cow manure.

Where do you like to play the most?
Probably on the swings, or the roundabouts! On a decent sound system, preferably Opus or Funktion One's and definitely outdoors when it's sunny, but I haven't had the combined experience. I've had one of each, but not yet clasped the holy trinity!!!

What's the craziest gig you've ever played?
Latvia, I loved it there so much. It was an experimental mishmash of about twenty audio and visual artists from all over the world from Berlin to Bogota, we got together for a week of drunken partying and pulled off a magical collaborative party at the end. We had a giant thirty foot screen, loads of video projectors and 3D mapping awesomeness and hooked the visuals up to the Xbox kinnect so people could interact in real time with the visuals, that a was pretty wicked party to be a part of. It was crazy because it was the most disorganised chaotic event I've ever been a part of, but some how we managed to pull some order from the chaos and put on a really enjoyable party.

What's your favourite track at the moment?
Probably bubble control or lumpy haggis by Tipper, the guys sound design is out of this world, absolutely love everything he made previous but Bubble Control is next level stuff!

Who's inspiring you at the moment?
Too many to mention them all! Spoonbill, Ott, Opiuo, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Curtis Mayfield, Herbie Hancock, Shpongle, Tipper, Squarepusher, AFX, Hedflux, Bad Tango, Mr Bill, AMB.

Who are you looking out for in 2012?
AMB definitely, this guys production seems to get better every track, and great to hear someone grow into a sound.

Tipper's Puzzle Dust is gonna be awesome, Hedflux's full length album, Opiuo's Butternut Slap series, the glitch hop on Adapted Records; which is now the home of Mr Bill and some really cool newcomers like Mustard tiger, Lucky Hz and Goosebumpz who are all making amazingly cool stuff. Also looking forward to the new Hypnagog album, as his first one Dreaming in pieces was absolutely epic and free so go get it!!!

What new releases have you got in the pipeline?
Too many!! I'm really excited about a few remixes I'm doing for Mr Bill and AMB.

I've also got a few collabos brewing with the likes of Hedflux, Vent and K+Lab. Plus I've got an Ep 'The Harangu' that'll be on Colony, getting some really cool artwork done from this dude:

And I've also got a full length album planned called "One point make sense" that I'm pretty excited about, but I don't wanna give away too much just yet!!

Where can we see you playing next and over the summer?
I'm playing in Exeter at the Dark Knights Mega Rave at the end of this month. Headlining the bar area, which is being hosted by Riddim Fruit Records, then getting flown out to Italy, Bass invaders in Southampton, Bristol, and a couple of festivals such as the legendary Glade!

What have you got lined up for your first show on Glitch FM?
Something pretty special, an hour long live Mouldy Soul set, with a jazz guitarist, featuring some exclusive never heard before material, a guest mix from UK artist Eurythmy who makes some wicked Glitch/IDM music, some super hot promos from the UK underground and some fresh squelch from Bran Richards, Mustard Tiger and the elusive Swingesthesia. Should be worth tuning in for :)

Catch Mouldy Soul on Glitch.FM from 10pm-12am GMT Wednesday 7 March 2012.

Listen to the first three shows hosted by the Morbidly Obese Midget, Your Niece and William Breakspear at:

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Review: Incognito at Psychosocial, Brighton, 3 March 2010

Thanks to Liquid Djems (Atomic Drop / Liquid Records) and friends, Brighton has a two new alternating nights, Brighton Bass and Incognito. With the promise of regular glitch in the line up, and the specific lure of Nimbus and Kursa, plus a convenient 7th birthday party, I went down to check out the more psychedelic of the sister nights, the inaugural Incognito.

Both nights take place at Psycho Social, formerly the Ocean Rooms, providing three floors of multi-genre bass music. We got there just in time for Nimbus on the ground floor, playing a really danceable set that spanned bouncing glitch hop, funky dubwise and psychedelic mid-tempo breaks. Jae Nimbus is someone who seems to have an eternally sunny disposition, which really comes through in his music in feel good vibes and dance-abilty. By the end of the set the hazy purple ambiance was packed with smiling dancers. He's recently been signed by Liquid Records with a release due in May and a slot at Glade, one to watch out for this year!

I had to skip Slackbaba to see KURSA play upstairs in a back to back set with WonKay Records boss Bunkle. The top room of Pyschosocial is one of those mirrored, leather sofa affairs that seems like it was designed for champagne quaffing, chang chugging, R&B nights, rather than dirty bass; but somehow it seemed to fit rather well. As it turned out, they each played pretty much a full 30-45 minute set, with just one switch over in between. The first half of KURSA's set consisted of his crisp brand of neuro-hop - funking basslines and popping snares - which gradually accelerating into dubstep and some pretty heavy technical drum and bass. He's definitely mining a sound in a similar vein to Koan Sound, which seems a pretty good bet right now and with very tasty upcoming releases on Adapted Records and WonKay, he's another one to keep an eye on in 2012.

Bunkle closed the B2B with some nicely varied dubstep and dancehall bass before we rolled back downstairs for the empress of electro filth Mary Miss Fairy for a brilliantly broken set. Although I'm not really into psytrance these days, which was supposedly the main draw in the basement, if rooms 2 and 3 at your night are this good then you must be doing something right.

The next Brighton Bass is on Saturday 7 April. We'll keep you posted of more glitch in the line up!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

UK Glitch Hop on Glitch FM: #3 William Breakspear interview

Liverpool label Skanky Panky Records have been leading the glitch hop charge in the North West for the last few years. Label co-founder William Breakspear will be hosting our next Radio Show on Wednesday 7 March from 10pm-12am GMT (join the party in the chat room!).

Introduce yourself...
I’m William Breakspear - producer, DJ, and co-head of Skanky Panky Records.

How would you describe your particular style of glitch hop?
My sound is really varied.  I take influences from Electronica, Nuskool breaks, Funk and DnB.  Anything with a breakbeat really!   Lots of people say I have a strong oldskool element to my sound and I’m happy about that ‘cos I love early 90s rave music!

You've been teasing us with the release of your debut album for a while. What can we expect from it?
When it arrives, you’ll be treated to a range of styles and vibes, all fitting into the William Breakspear sound.  There’s everything from reggae tinged vocal tracks to pure instrumental glitch hop on there.  I think it will surprise some, as there is stuff on there like nothing I’ve released before.  Check out the clip:

What first turned you onto glitch hop? Any particular artists or tracks?
When I first met SixAM they were rocking Glitch Hop all over the Northwest of England.  I couldn’t believe this sound, a fusion of pretty much everything I love about electronic music!  One of the tracks they rinsed back then sticks in my head - Sub Swara & Juakali - The Balance.  Absolutely merked the dance, but you can listen to it doing the washing up.  Not much hits that life nerve for me these days!

We were lucky enough to work with Juakali on the last Memory9 single on Skanky Panky - great dude and fantastic vocalist.

How did Skanky Panky come about?
Myself and Buddha (SixAM) started jamming more and more in the studio and our productions began to get closer to the sound he was playing out.  We started searching for outlets for our music to be released and couldn’t find anywhere in the UK that we felt was right for us. So we created Skanky Panky.

The releases seem to have, and to have helped define, quite a distinctive sound. How did you manage to pull together such a quality list of artists from around the world?
We were lucky enough to know a lot of the artists from previous projects. With some of them, (like Freddo & ASM or Mix n Blend) we found tracks of theirs that suited the sound.  With others (like Jazz Mags or Eddy Crusher) they were inspired enough by what we’re doing to write something for the label.

With others like, we approached them (often through Glitch Hop Forum), and they liked the vibe of the label and the other artists we were working with and jumped on board!  It’s not rocket science, just hard work and dedication to the cause!

Where do you like to play the most?
I love playing festivals the most of any crowd.  You just find that there are so many people discovering the music you’re playing for the first time and it can be beautiful.  I bet even house DJs get that feeling!  Can’t wait for the festival season to arrive this year, it’s very exciting times for the UK GH fam!

What's the craziest gig you've ever played?
Probably like 10 years back, in my Nuskool Breaks days when I used to go to the south of Spain a lot.  Man the kids there are nuts!  Their parties don’t start till 1am so they are always found in the car park after the rave, dancing round their cars.  Party animals!  Happy blurry memories of those days, but not much left of the specifics if you know what I mean!

What's your favourite track at the moment?
K+lab has just done a couple of remixes for Skanky Panky of some Sedge Warbler tracks.  His Paranormal Ox Man remix is something I just can’t stop listening to!  The fusion of the crazy vocal by Disco with Caleb’s crazy bass sounds and switches just destroy me and every dance!   It’s out 1st of May - check out the whole EP here:

Who's inspiring you at the moment?
So many people across the board inspire me.  I’m a big fan of Nice Up! records, Shepdog always seems to be bringing something fresh to the midtempo bass music crowd.  I’m a big fan of people who can fuse new production with classic vibes, so I’m really into the 140bpm  jungle sound at the moment - Sub Slayers are so hot right now, and Yoof is smashing it for me!  In the Glitch Hop scene, Koan Sound, K+Lab, Vent, iBenji all doing wonders for me.  I could go on all day haha!

Who are you looking out for in 2012?
The french crew Mc2 are really doing it for me at the moment.  They have a really unique sound which is the biggest draw for me.  Check out their soundcloud - a few killer free downloads on there!  Can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2012!

Where can we see you playing next and over the summer?
I’ve got a few gigs TBC but can’t give details yet!  I’m playing at the Skanky Panky Records taveover of the Meteor Stage at Glade Festival this summer.  Big up to the Uppercut crew for organising that - it’s like a who’s who of the UK Glitch Hop scene!  You can catch me once a month on as part of the UK Glitch Hop show.  Keep an eye on the William Breakspear artistdata page for up to date info!

What have you got lined up for your first show on Glitch FM?
The first show will include some fantastic exclusive guest mixes from my partner in crime at Skanky Panky Records - SixAM and another from Terrorbyte - the head honcho of the Beta Birmingham crew.  There will be plenty of Skanky Panky exclusive tracks from myself and our other artists, plus some cool features like my reminiscipackage - looking back at influential IDM from the 90s.  Well worth a tune in 22:00 GMT Wednesday the 7th of March 2012.

One last thing, I would just like to say; massive thanks to Chris / Morbidly Obese Midget for getting the UKGH blog and Glitch FM show off the ground, and creating some extra solidarity in the UK scene - bare props bro!
bookings -

Catch William Breakspear on Glitch.FM from 10pm-12am GMT Wednesday 7 March 2012.

Listen to the first two shows hosted by the Morbidly Obese Midget and Your Niece at: