Tuesday, 26 June 2012

May / June round-up Pt.4 - The Releases

This is worth the wait - all the dopest new tracks released by hard working labels and artists to feed your monthly glitch habit. Get in that virtual shopping cart and load 'em up! 



It's finally here! Bill Breakspear's Bardcore came out last month and we've been rocking it ever since. Full spectrum mix of music present, but we particularly love Respect, Side Step and all the voal tracks

Easily one of the biggest releases this month, some of our favourite producers including Mr Bill, Mustard Tiger, Blunt Instrument and Digital Rust remix Kursa's instant classic Be Kind Rewind for Adapted Records. *Awesome!*

Kursa and Mouldy Soul have returned the favour by remixing Mr Bill's Cerebellum Serenade for Adapted Records. Such a beautiful tune!

LOVING both these remixes from London's Standard and Push!

Alongside Corticyte, Riddim Fruit head honcho Hidden Riddim has showcased his deep bass with this EP featuring Born ina Barn. "Where's my glitch? There is is!"Love the lyrical stylings and the scratched-out, glitched-up on the bside refix

London producers Kisbeat! & Chemical slowed things down for their first EP on Adapted and it's sounding sick

DCarls collaborator Maksim has released this banging EP with Retrospect through Play Me

Muti Music dropped FreQ Nasty's Dread at the Controls remixes just before Glade, including an epic slab of bass hype from Culprate and tasty glitch from Sugarpill and Lowriderz. I know he's a Kiwi living in LA but he's still ours, right? We've got a wicked interview with him coming through for you soon

Jump Music affiliate Spenghead aka. Spectic Insurgent released this sludge-glitch beauty back in May. If you enjoyed Thursday night at Glade, you'll love this

We played a Phantom Shilla track on Glitch.FM a few weeks back and you can now get the whole EP on bandcamp - name your price!

On the outer edges doing his own thing, dope Fracture remix from Om Unit



We've been waiting for this debut EP from Bristol's Pistol Shrimp for some time now. It's out on Prime Dub at the start of July. Whoop whoop!

Oh... and did we mention the Mouldy SOul remix?

Olmec's release a shedload of electro filth through lables like BroKEN Records, but he's now applying his skills to midtempo on this release for Wonkay Records out 6 July. Boom.

Inception Records release these melodic beauties from Cerebral Theory, whose last EP was on more of a dark d'n'b neurofunk tip. Check their soundcloud for more like that

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May / June round-up Pt.3: The Freebies

More free glitch hop than you can shake a pimp stick at? What more could you want? Sex?

Breakspear's remix of this London Posse classic is now up for DL

Odjbox is really a musical genius who happily blends swing, glitch, hip hop and beats of all shades. We love this Blue Goose track

This is a pretty tasty remix of Mr English and Lukrativ by south west producer Coops

More swing and glitch, this time another classic mash up from Wolfie Razzmatazz

Glitch leg-end Si Begg has put a whole soundtrack from his 2010 We Made Our Own Disaster DVD up for free DL. Here's our DJ friendly pick from it

KUrsa's URk EP really showcases the d'n'b end of his neurofunk, but this track's still on the mid-tempo

Liquid d'n'b produer from Oxford Sunflare has released this lush remix of Navene-K - Nightmare

Harky's part of the Jump Music crew that crash landed The Meteor on Thrusday Night at Glade. We're liking this laidback dub crunk

This lazer-saturated track comes from Aberdeen's Lockah on a free EP released through Mad Decent

Talking about Mad Decent - Flostradamus trap remix of Lana Del Rey anyone?

Donky Pitch have very kindly released a free track from Keyboard Kid 206's debut EP. He was featured in Guardian last month as new band of the week

A new discovery for us this month, a South-West glitch producer called Stinkblaar

Also fresh this month - Synthetic Epiphany is a Hereford based future garage producer who's turned his hand to liquid glicth for this chilled track

Something a little bit different from Leeds' Extra SPectrum

Whitebox Synth Makers aka. Nick Dwyer from Brighton has a pretty diverse and prolific output. Check out a few of these free downloads

Funky upbeat number from Montreal-based expat Goodingfluence

SevenAR from Ireland is a regular listener to our Glitch.FM show and has been quietly producing the whole time. Here's the latest one from him:

Finally, Chill in Balam are a couple of producers from Mexico who have made the right decision to stop wasting their time with psytrance and start producing reggae infused glitch instead. This is an old track featuring UK festival pop-up loop-pedal soundsystem freestyle hero DubFX

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Monday, 25 June 2012

May / June round-up Pt.2 - The Mixtapes

Have you already listened to our whole Glitch.fm archive? And the Glade mixes? Then this lot should keep you going 'til the next show....

I have no idea how this has passed us by until he told us about it at Glade, but here's Shamanic Technology's awesome guest mix for one of our US sisters show on Glitch.fm Bass Stream Radio. With a US tour this autumn and a bunch of releases lined up, this man is going places

Not wanting to blow our own trumpets too much longer, but you can now download some of our best guestmixes without us talking crap over the top of them. Win win win.

We love inaudible's mixtapes so much, here's the most recent one for Beta Birmingham

...and more recent machine funk from Kev Primer

This 4 Deck Vaudeville Mashup by Wolfie Razzmatazz has a sick video to go with it. This man has juggling skills you can't imagine...

We meant to post this wicked mix from P.O.D.G.E. back in March, but better late than never

Here's Extra Spectrum's Swing 'n' Glitch mix 2012

audio-corruption's Journeys Through Outer Bass (Volume 2) does what it says on the tin shifting from glitch to ghetto funk and round again

Interesting mini mix from Stinkblar with a bunch of his own productions

DJ Prukogy's mix, which wasn't for Glitch.fm but were honoured he wants to use our logo for it. Big ups!

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May / June round-up Pt.1 - Previews and teasers

Epic Wu Tang sample used to maximum effect by Beat3

Shamanic Technology is on fire right now. He's got an EP coming out on Canada's Tycho next month and touring the US later in the year. Here's a taster of what to expect

Nimbus debut EP for Liquid records is currently being mastered. Here's a taster while you wait!

Really nice track boundy track from Bill Breakspear and Jiffster. This'll be part of a collabs EP out in the autumn on Skanky Panky

Some deep jazzyness from Exeter's Dephicit

Pure Filth from Kursa on the remix for Teknian

2003 DMC champion DJ Quest from Bristol is now producing under the name X Hertz. Check out this heavy drumstep number he's shared with our Soundcloud

Pistol Shrimp on the remix, out soon on Prime Dub

Enveloping off-kilter beauty from Om Unit

I've always liked Gemmy's purple dubstep sounds, but this is something new from him in a midtempo funk flavour

Two Inch Punch makes beautiful music. Who know how long before we can get our hands on this though...

Support It Takes Two to Tango by voting for his neuro-flavoured Kimbra remix and check out his badass new demo while you're at it

Nice clean downtempo track with glitch round the edges from London producer ISO. check out his soundcloud for some tight d'n'b

Muddy Festival roller here from Cambridge's Fergatron

Sweet remix of Digital Rust's classic Chocolate sauce by Bristol producer Stinkblaar

Another new one for us - a cross genre bass producer from Plymouth called Tripster looking for a label to release this twisted glitch EP with

June / July freebies, mixes and releases coming soon! If you'd like to be considered for future round-ups add your tunes to the UK Glitch Hop Soundcloud Group or send your dubs to ukglitchhop [at] gmail [dot] com

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mixes from The Meteor at Glade Festival

So as the dust settles from the crash landing of glitch hop into the UK at Glade Festival last weekend, here are the first of the sets from The Meteor. Tune into Glitch.FM from 10pm-12am every Wednesday to hear more live sets, guest mixes and fresh tunes from the artists who played.

Jump music kickstarted the festival on Thursday night. If you've missed them here's some awesome promo mixes from Septic Insurgent and Hungry Man:

Alongside Head of State and Sweet Jesus, Your Niece completes the trio of Uppercut residents who made and hosted The Meteor. Massive thanks to them, Lowri and everyone else who worked so hard to make this such a special weekend. Here's Your Niece's gangsta set from Friday night after Ben Samples:

UK Glitch Hop editor Morbidly Obese Midget warmed up for Shamic Technology on Saturday afternoon. Thank you so much to everyone who came down and bounced the underfloor bass with us!

Stay tuned for more from The Meteor...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Glitch Hop has landed at Glade Festival!

Since its first appearance at Glastonbury in 2000, Glade’s been a home to innovation in electronic dance music, with new sounds and styles emerging every year. The new kid on the block for 2012 is The Meteor – a hollow in the woods featuring a custom-built wooden platform stuffed with under-floor bass-bins under the eaves of a DJ booth-cum-pulpit from outer-space. The line-up is a mouth-watering cross section of lazer crunk, drumstep and glitch hop – or whatever else you want to label the synth-soaked, sample-laden infusion of mid-tempo breaks, IDM, hip-hop and dubstep that will be taking your legs out from under you this June. For ease of reference, we’ll lump it all under the banner of glitch-hop – more of a production style that a genre that’s been gaining momentum in the US for the last five years and is now opening ears from the UK, Hungary and France to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico.

One of the first DJs to champion this sound in the UK was Secret Garden Party favourite Your Niece, who’s been blasting audiences with lazer-bass since a notorious set in the Master Bedroom at the 2007 Bacchanalia Ball. Your Niece, Head of State and Sweet Jesus recently launched London’s first regular glitch-hop night, Uppercut, and are now set to take Glade by storm with The Meteor. They’re the ones you need to say thank you to when you see them.

Of course, like most new departures in electronic music, glitch-hop has its roots in the UK. Glade Festival favourites Autechre, Amon Tobin and Aphex Twin/AFX all pioneered the aesthetics of glitchy digital music, and for the first half of the naughties many breaks and drum and bass producers turned their hand to down-tempo and mid-tempo productions inspired by IDM and electronica. Among them were AMB, Danny Breaks and a bloke called Dave Tipper.

In 2001 Mike Wallis (one half of Crunch, with Tipper) and Sam Ashwell (one half of Vent) founded a label called Colony Productions to release their mid-tempo experiments. Mike and Dave named one of their 2002 tracks ‘Bit Hop’, in reference to the digital beats and bleeps they were making. Tipper continued to develop the sound on his own label Tippermusic, establishing himself world-wide as one of the leading proponents of what was to become known as glitch-hop, a style he brought to Inspiralled at Glade Festival in both 2006 and 2007.

This year Colony Productions co-founders Vent headline the label showcase on The Meteor alongside Mouldy Soul aka. Richard Carrigan - a young producer who’s been dominating the Addictech glitch hop charts in the last six months alongside Tipper and New Zealand producer Opiuo. Mouldy Soul credits his own glitch-hop epiphany to seeing Aussie glitch pioneer Spoonbill play in Inspiralled at Glade in 2009.

By 2004, on the other side of the pond a long-haired bass-freak from San Francisco calling himself Bassnectar had started making his own brand of ‘omni-tempo maximalism’ – a mash up of breaks, hip hop and other styles, which focused on the psychedelic potential of the bass. Having toured the UK with Freq Nasty in 2006, he returned home to tirelessly promote this bottom-heavy sound across the United States. Co-produced with Kraddy, his belly-dancing inspired 100bpm banger Snakecharmer became the soundtrack to Burning Man that year, and pointed the way to the current domination of glitch-hop and whomp on The Playa. While Lorin will always wear the crown, one of the most talented US producers to follow in his ground-shaking wake has been Ben Samples whose 2010 album Chose Your Own Adventure and subsequent releases showcase a diversity of genre-defying deep bass. We can’t wait to hear what he does to our Funktion1 speakers.

A second glitch-hop milestone back in 2004 was ‘Crying over Pros for No Reason’ - a ground-breaking album of glitchy hip-hop influenced electronica - released on UK label Planet Mu by a young L.A. producer called edIT. By 2007 he’d teamed up with fellow West Coast laptop DJs Ooah, Kraddy and Boreta to form The Glitch Mob – a glitch-hop supergroup whose G-funk drenched, crunk heavy remixes of STS9, The White Stripes and 2pac / Dr Dre went a long way to popularising the genre worldwide. In 2010, they toured a live version of their debut album Drink the Sea, which brought a US brand of glitch-hop to the UK in a major way for the first time, inspiring many young producers to try a live approach themselves, including Zen Death Squad and Beat3.

Zen Death Squad’s own debut EP on Made it Glitch saw heavy support in the US and a West Coast tour last autumn, while Beat3 have been showcasing their own blend of DJ and live production skills across the UK. Zen Death Squad are back in 2012 with an eagerly anticipated second EP revealing a more mature evolution in their sound – to be previewed in the Skanky Panky showcase at Glade!

Inspired by noises coming out of the US, party breaks producer William Breakspear teamed up with glitch-hop DJ Buddha from SixAM to form Skanky Panky Records in Liverpool in 2009. Bringing the upbeat bounce, their Skanky Panky EP series has launched the careers of internationally acclaimed producers such as K+Lab from New Zealand, Jmej from Canada and Sedge Warbler from South Africa.

Always one step ahead of the pack, Freq Nasty recently moved to L.A. to develop his own ear-bending, booty-shaking blend of glitch, breaks, dubstep, raga, drumstep and moombahton, which he’s bringing back to the Glade Stage this year. We're also very lucky to have San Francisco legend, Pretty Lights, over for the Glade Stage this year. In his own soulful way he's probably done as much as anyone to popularise glitchy hip hop. Recently he's been exploring a more organic approach to his production, building all of his music up from analogue sounds and samples.

Another UK producer to crack the US scene on his own terms was Glasgow producer Akira Kiteshi, whose anime-lazer drenched dubstep was featured on the seminal Acid Crunk Vol.2 compilation. His debut album, Industrial Avenue, which spans glitch-hop, future garage and electro-disco came out on Afterglo in March and he’s already been described (rather unfairly) as ‘a Scottish Skrillex’ by Boomkat and a ‘crazed genius’ by Huw Stephens on Radio 1.

Around the same time as Bassnectar and edIT began bomb the bass in a big way, other hip-hop producers in LA started experimenting with intelligent jazz-infused beats. The hotbed of innovation was, and still is, a club called the Low End Theory, where young UK dubstep producers such as Skream, Benga and Joker were also invited to showcase their 140bpm grooves early on. Alongside Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus, one of the stalwarts of the scene was Kutmah - who in 2010 was shockingly incarnated by US authorities under immigration charges and deported to the UK. The silver lining is that he’s here for Glade this year. Aren’t you lucky?

While all this has been happening, the rest of the UK has been wondering what to do ‘post-dubstep’. A group of beats producers in Brighton have just been getting on with it, creating the south coast’s equivalent of the Low End Theory – Donky Pitch – and launching a synth-heavy retro dancefloor-beat mutation they’ve decided to call ‘Skweee’ (tongues firmly planted in cheeks). After a string of acclaimed EPs on Stuff, Ramp and Planet Mu, their most prolific resident Slugabed was recently signed to independent powerhouse Ninja Tune. He’s just released his first full length album, Time Team, to rave reviews on Drowned in Sound and the BBC.

With a fresh breed of producers on Robox Neotech, Earnest Endeavours, Senseless Records and Jump Music showcasing even fresher directions on The Meteor this summer, 2012 is the year that glitch-hop crash lands back into Britain with a crunk.

*This post is an extended version of some copy that Morbidly Obese Midget wrote for the Glade Festival website.*

Glade Festival set times and highlights

How sick is this looking? Pretty much all day Friday and Saturday night looking mouth wateringly good on The Meteor. If we don't see you then, come find us at 3pm Saturday for the UK Glitch Hop meet-up during Morbidly Obese' Midget's set. Can't wait!


7pm-1pm Jump Records Showcase


2pm Kursa

3.30pm Freq Nasty 
9pm Pretty Lights

3pm William Breakspear ft. Georgina Upton
4pm Memory9
5pm SixAM
6pm Zen Death Squad
8pm Colony Mike
9pm Mouldy Soul
11pm VENT
12am Culprate
1am Akira Kiteshi
2am Samples
3am Your Niece

7pm Coda

8pm Si Begg

2am JFB
3am Dutty Moonshine



3pm Morbidly Obese Midget
4pm Shamanic Technology

12am Kutmah
2am Head of State
3am Sweet Jesus
4am Beat3

3pm Nimbus


3pm Donk Pitch Showcase: Grinel 
3.40pm Boss Kite
5pm Ghost Mutt
6pm Slugabed
7-10pm Robox Neotech Showcase