Tuesday, 26 June 2012

May / June round-up Pt.3: The Freebies

More free glitch hop than you can shake a pimp stick at? What more could you want? Sex?

Breakspear's remix of this London Posse classic is now up for DL

Odjbox is really a musical genius who happily blends swing, glitch, hip hop and beats of all shades. We love this Blue Goose track

This is a pretty tasty remix of Mr English and Lukrativ by south west producer Coops

More swing and glitch, this time another classic mash up from Wolfie Razzmatazz

Glitch leg-end Si Begg has put a whole soundtrack from his 2010 We Made Our Own Disaster DVD up for free DL. Here's our DJ friendly pick from it

KUrsa's URk EP really showcases the d'n'b end of his neurofunk, but this track's still on the mid-tempo

Liquid d'n'b produer from Oxford Sunflare has released this lush remix of Navene-K - Nightmare

Harky's part of the Jump Music crew that crash landed The Meteor on Thrusday Night at Glade. We're liking this laidback dub crunk

This lazer-saturated track comes from Aberdeen's Lockah on a free EP released through Mad Decent

Talking about Mad Decent - Flostradamus trap remix of Lana Del Rey anyone?

Donky Pitch have very kindly released a free track from Keyboard Kid 206's debut EP. He was featured in Guardian last month as new band of the week

A new discovery for us this month, a South-West glitch producer called Stinkblaar

Also fresh this month - Synthetic Epiphany is a Hereford based future garage producer who's turned his hand to liquid glicth for this chilled track

Something a little bit different from Leeds' Extra SPectrum

Whitebox Synth Makers aka. Nick Dwyer from Brighton has a pretty diverse and prolific output. Check out a few of these free downloads

Funky upbeat number from Montreal-based expat Goodingfluence

SevenAR from Ireland is a regular listener to our Glitch.FM show and has been quietly producing the whole time. Here's the latest one from him:

Finally, Chill in Balam are a couple of producers from Mexico who have made the right decision to stop wasting their time with psytrance and start producing reggae infused glitch instead. This is an old track featuring UK festival pop-up loop-pedal soundsystem freestyle hero DubFX

If you'd like to be considered for future round-ups, add your tunes to the UK Glitch Hop Soundcloud Group or send your dubs to ukglitchhop [at] gmail [dot] com

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