Saturday, 28 April 2012

UK Glitch Hop on Glitch.FM #9 - Dephicit interview

Our Glitch.FM guest mix last week came from Exeter's Dephicit. Here's the lowdown on where he gets his glitch, bass in Exeter and plans for the summer. If you want a clean download of the mixtape with full tracklist, it's at the bottom. Might as well have a read on the way...


Please introduce yourself.... 

This is James Stafford aka Dephicit aka 1 half of Critical Cuts.


How would you describe your particular style of bass music?

Chunky funky slimey basslines and beats with as much glitchy/synthy interest as I can squeeze in.
My style is pretty warped from all the genres I've been listening to on the dance music scene for the last 5/6 years. I've found taking the best bits out of different genres really helps to stay away from categorisation and keeps the originality flowing. From dubstep to psytrance, I've found theres always something positive to take away incorporate into your own music.

What first turned you onto bass / glitch / lazer music?

Any particular artists or tracks?
I think the first track that drew my attention away from dubstep was when a friend showed me Bassnectars ''heads up'' and from there I went on to discover another american guy called Subvert. These guys tracks had the heavy basslines I knew could destroy a dancefloor but were fast enough and funky enough to shun the dubstep critics. From then on Opiuo and Tipper seemed to appear out of know-where and to be honest I found it hard to find anything else of that tempo that I felt could stand up to them In my sets. But the last couple of years has been awesome for the scene, especially in the U.K, (big ups U.K glitch hop) and the freshness coming out of the tracks is consistently inspiring and keeping me glued to my soundcloud!

What's the scene like where you are?

The scene in Devon is fuking awesome, I'm mainly based in Exeter and the quality and diverstity of the nights is amazing. If you wanna get your smile on & knees up theres electro swing nights (Cabaret Volitare) , if you wanna get your hood up and skank on you’ve got the deep dubstep nights (The Deep End), weve got the ghettofunk/Hip Hop & Glitch hop nights put on by Riddim Fruit head honcho 'Hidden Riddim' and Totnes's 'Flywalker' and if you just wanna get your rave on we’ve got the infamous 'Onelion' nights where I started Djing 2/3 years ago, (big ups Subindex)
I thoroughly recommend getting involved if your ever down here, good vibes and pumping tunes all the way.

You've got a radio show with Barely Legit aka. Dodgey Style. How did that come about and how can we get ours ears on it?

Seb, (Dodgey Style) is a DJ genius and one of the few people that was into glitch hop in exeter when I started producing it. We have very similar tastes and this lead us to form 'Critical Cuts'. You can find us here... Critical Cuts


Where do you like to play the most?

I like to bust it out anywhere where people are gunna be lovin the tunes, Its wikid playing to a home crowd in exeter as people know what to accept and Its always sick to get positive feedback, but I also love the challenge of playing sumwhere new, where potentially they have'nt come across the sound before and need to be... educated :)
 Festivals are always a winner, the ultimate vibes that they create are always a wikid platform for funky dirty beats and bass.

What's the craziest gig you've ever played?

A pretty mental set was in Bristol for 'Big:Large' at the black swan. It was a sell out crowd in the main room and from talking to people before I played the vast majority had not really heard glitch hop before, so it was sick to see everybody quickly warming to it and losing there nut towards the end.

Who's inspiring you most at the moment?

Thats a big question, but if I had name a few, Bad Tango and all the Broken Robot crew, Koan Sounds tracks are just ridiculous, Digital Rust, Dj Alias & Smoke Sign (who featured in the mix) Griz, obviously Opiuo and Tipper...

But its the UK Glitch Hop scene thats inspiring me the most, homebrew talent like Mouldy Soul and Breakspear, SixAM and all the others who have been at it for years and are really pushing the sound in the right direction.

Who are you looking out for in 2012?

Staunch has been getting my juices goin, Looking forward to seeing what they can come up with.
 Bad Tango and Mouldy Soul are good friends of mine and are absolute machines at tearing out the goods, watch that space.

I played a word up remix from 'Olmec 'forthcoming on his Motley Bass EP in the mix, he's another one to watch out for.
 Dj Alias (NZ) whos working on a remix for my EP is also bringing out the killa vibe, watch out for his first EP landing on our shores soon.
Local Deep Dubstep talent like Skeptix and Pulsar are also ones Ive gotta mention.

When can we expect to hear a Dephicit EP? 

In 2-3 months I will be releasing the Lazer Crack EP with various remix's and originals from some awesome talent, so watch out for that on Riddim Fruit Records.

Where can we see you play next?

Riddim Fruit vs Cabaret Volitare @ The Cavern (Exeter) - June 1st
Supporting the Funk Hunters @ the Angel (Exeter) - June 2nd

Secret Garden Party festival - 20th July
Big:Large 2 @ The Black Swan (Bristol) - 21st July
Standon Calling Festival - 4th August
Aeon Festival (@ Crediton near Exeter) 25th August

Glitch FM Mix Tracklist

Eardible - Audible Pancakes (Unreleased)

Staunch - Busted up – Out now

Digital Rust - Chocolate Sauce – Out now

Haywire - Mindchamber – Out now

Shimi Sonic - Follow up (Dephicit remix) – Out now

Dephicit - Clef Residue (Forthcoming)

Dephicit - Lazer Crack (Forthcoming)
DJ Alias & B - San Francisco Bay (Forthcoming)

K lab ft Sacha Vee - Need to know (Audio Infunction Remix) (Forthcoming)

Olmec - Word up (Forthcoming)

DJ Alias - Empire Ft I.T (Forthcoming)
Obscinity - Funkology (Forthcoming)

K lab ft Sacha Vee - Need to know (DJ Alias remix) (Forthcoming)

Smoke Sign - Sub Minimal Message (Forthcoming)

Morbidly Obese Midget will be hosting guest mixes from Kursa, Nimbus and DJ Primer on Glitch.FM from 10pm BST Wednesday 2 May. See you in the chatroom

Friday, 6 April 2012

March Round Up: Da Choons

Better late than never, here's our round of the best UK Glitch Hop tunes from the last month. If you'd like to be considered next time, make sure you add your tunes to the UK Glitch Hop group on soundcloud. 


KURSA's Machinate EP shot it's way to the top of the glitch hop chart on Beatport this month

This flilthy number from Culprate got a lot of love this month. Check the funk on the outro

The Shimi Sonic remix EP finally dropped on Riddim Fruit with lush summertime versions by Mouldy Soul and Dephicit


Bristol's Aspects returned with much fanfare and glitchy production from Glasgow's Akira Kiteshi

More in the huge tune plus rap vocal vein, Foreign Beggars took on Koan Sound to full effect

A classic remix from Beat3 who smashed it at Uppercut and will be back on home turf for Donkey Punch in Bournemouth next month. Wohaa!

Truly epic track from SixAM. Bad mother indeed. Check out their new Soundcloud page while you're at it

In case you haven't had enough KURSA, get yer penguins on WonKay

Competition for symbols in names plus new genres ENIG!NE Altman Construct Corporate Identity Hop. Chilled glitchiness.Oriental vibe

More chilled beats from Brighton courtesy of Drowzy


It's good to see Tipper riding high. He's been touring hard round the US and Canada all month and at time of writing the mental maze that is Puzzle Dust had 31,000 plays and 1200 likes on Soundcloud. We've had a sneak listen to the full EP and it's properly heavy this time. Just you wait!

Breakspear's massive swinging remix of K-Lab's McFly on Empathy hits the digital shelves around 21 April

1 Staying with Skanky Panky, SixAM have somehow made this Sedge Warbler tune sound even better! Full remix EP later in month

Mouldy Soul has given us a taster of two lip-smacking new tunes in time for summer and he's due to be touring the US in May

More Kursa and Mouldy Soul - Mustard Tiger remixes coming soon on Adapted

The man behind Beta Birmingham, TerrorByte's been prolific this month, and it's not at all scary

Tantalising peek at a new track from Shamanic Technology. If you're a label, snap this man up quick!

Nice lazer-splurge-step from Stagga and Monky in Cardiff

Drake's been in the UK this month, so thought we'd share this glitchy remix from London producer Lokane, plus a fresh Shlomo instrumental

Wave back he's drowning previews his new EP with a wonky Dead Prez re-rub. Yorkshire reprazents!

Playful glitch from Dublin's 7AR. Not strictly speaking UK, but we'll claim him

And a Panoptical Allusion to play you out