Tuesday, 23 April 2013

B.Visible: Glitch.FM guestmix & interview

VERY excited to have the legend that is B.Visible on the guest mix for the Morbidly Obese Midget this Wednesday on Glitch.FM. Here's an interview and the show archive!

Please introduce yourself... 

I'm a DJ, producer and graphic  designer from Slovenia, living in Vienna right now. I love nearly every kind of music, but i get mostly inspired by hip hop and electronic music.

How would you describe your style of music?

Must be something like hip hop based beats with synth elements. But that's quite difficult because I'm really not focused on just one style. Sometimes I make also straight boombap beats with scratches (like the Decktales project I'm running with a very talented producer and DJ from southern Austria called Stylestab).

What first turned you onto this style? Any particular artists or tracks?

Definitely Danny Breaks. I was totally blown away when i got the Dimension - 3D record. Also a big influence or probably the reason why I started to produce music was RJD2 with his Dead Ringer LP. After hearing this Record I really had the wish to learn the music production process.

What's your jam right now?

I can't wait for the new Bibio album. The track "You" can already be heard on youtube. Sooo good, gonna be my sound for the summer.

What's the scene like where you are?

It's OK, Vienna has like 5-6 solid clubs with good soundsystems and plenty of motivated promoters setting up really great parties.

What's the craziest gig you've ever played?

Haha, probably not good to talk on the internet about it.

Where do you like to play the most?

In Vienna definitely the Flex, because of the incredible sound. But in general I really enjoy to play at homeparties or small clubs with my closest friends, that's the most fun.

For all the tech geeks out there - what kit do you use?

I work with Maschine, a lot of software synths, sometimes Micro Korg, a SP 404, and for the coming EP I quite often used the Juno-106. Then I use turns for sampling and scratching, the very first Apogee Duet and some Adam speakers, that's it. Really looking forward to use also the iPad for my future productions. A friend showed me some really awesome tools recently.

Who's inspiring you at the moment?

The nice weather! The spring finally hit Vienna, after a long cold winter.

Who are you looking out for musically in 2013?

There is a young producer over here in Vienna called Salute. He is only 17 years old but is making incredible good and unique tracks. His new project will be released really soon and I  think it's gonna be massive.

What's the next project in the pipeline?

My new EP is coming in may via the Austrian label duzz down san. There will be also a strongly limited 7"  featuring 2 tracks of the EP.

Soundwise it's slightly different from my last release on Riddim Fruit. I think its a little bit more experimental but I still tried to keep it funky. You can hear two tracks of it in my mix.

I will also finish my 90s remix series called Sloppy Drive Puzzle. The last track of this free fun project will be available this month on Soundcloud.




Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Beats Antique interview


London's conscious party scene turned out in force for Beats Antique's stomping UK debut at :::Illumination::: last month. We caught up with the West Coast band to ask how they found it, and when they're coming back!

Please introduce yourselves... 

Sidecar Tommy and David Satori from Beats Antique.

How would you describe your style of music? 

Our style of music is combinations of old and new, opposites - electronic and gypsy DIY...taking experimental electronic music and wrapping in an orchestra!


Have you ever been to London or the UK before? How did you find it?

Have been before, but in this fashion, we are fortunate enough to have a bit of a following of people who have only been able to listen to our music as opposed to seeing us live, so we were able to run around with fans and ultimately have a blast with new friends! Our show was super fun and we can't wait to get back to the wondrous UK!

What's the scene like where you are?

Because this is the home of Burningman, there are lots of freaks, parties, fundraisers for Burningman camps, etc, so it has become a prevalent hub for electronic music producers with the likes of Bassnectar, Eskmo, Glitch Mob, to name a few that started here.

What's the craziest gig you've ever played?

I would say our first set at Burningman two years ago was bonkers, some say 20,000 people were there, such a crazy opportunity.

What first turned you onto this style of music? Any particular artists or tracks?

Amon Tobin put forth some amazing reworks of cinematic orchestral pieces that inspired me as a producer, along with DJ Krush from Japan - he taught me a lot back in the day...I used to ride my bike around New York City with my headphones on listening to what was the beginnings of abstract hip hop...a lot of the same ideas that were sprouting up back then still ring true today - make a sick beat, cut up a melodic sequence, and layer killer bass and atmospheric tones...


Who's inspiring you at the moment?

We feel fortunate to have amazing friends as our inspiration! The electronic music scene is very supportive and has so many talented producers that we've been able to get to know. For Example. TIPPER, Bassnectar, Thievery Corporation, Apparat, ESKMO and many others. We also get inspiration from singer songwriters like Fiest, Bon Iver, Yeasayer, Lynx and many more.


Who are you looking out for musically in 2013?


For all the tech geeks out there - what kit do you use?

Mac tower, Ableton Live, Ableton Push, UAD plugins, Moog little phatty, Moog Slim Phatty, Micro Korg, Roland octapad, Kaosilator, Tama Starclassic drums, Roland vdrums, Akai Midi controllers, iPad, Turntable, Cdj, Battery, Kontact, Maschine, Dave Smith Mopho, Roland Handsonic...etc etc

What's the next project in the pipeline?

At the moment we are working on a new album due out in the fall, with a new show to go with it! Very excited about this one!

Where are you most looking forward to playing next?

We would love to come back to the UK! There is a lot of music lovers there! Hopefully we will be at some Festivals in 2013. Lets keep our fingers crossed !

Has Zoe taught you how to belly dance yet?

It's actually the other way around,we taught Zoe everything she knows!!!
(M.O.M: We're going to get the guys prove that next time they're here!)


UK Glitch Hop Allstars at Carousel with Liquid Records, Wonderland and Gypsy Disco, Electrowerkz, London, Friday 26 April 2103

There's a new night in town and it promises to be a game changer! With a similar vibe to the Decompression parties, Secret Garden Party and Glade Festival all rolled into one, the first Carousel takes place at the wonderful Electrowerkz in Angel on Friday 26 April.

We're stoked to be co-hosting a room as Glitch.FM, with William Breakspear, Your Niece, Automaton, Colony and the Morbidly Obese Midget ripping it up alongside Nimbus, Atomic Drop and Slackbaba from Liquid Records, plus Wonderland and Gypsy Disco taking you on a journey into a twisted fairground.

Step through the turnstile and leave the world you know behind. We'll keep you bouncing to the early hours with  music from all spectrums of the musical fountain. The Sideshows will provide a unique blend of circus, cabaret, theatre, games, art and stalls spread across the entire venue...even in those places you would never think to look! Entertainment and surprises at every turn.

TICKETS FROM HERE: http://www.theticketsellers.co.uk/tickets/carousel/10026104/?ref=p5796-glitch

£8 if you’re lucky // £10 if you’re quick // £15 standard



✫ GLITCH.FM Present...UK Glitch Hop All Stars ✫

☞William Breakspear

☞Your Niece

☞Colony Productions


☞Morbidly Obese Midget


☞Atomic Drop LIVE

☞Nimbus LIVE

☞Slackbaba LIVE

☞Liquid James


☞Lunatrix LIVE

☞Cheshire and the Breaksworths LIVE

☞Sly Fox

☞The Queen of Hearts

☞King Mix-a-lot

☞ Miss White Rabbit



☞Coco Deville Burlesque

☞Cat & Mouse Theater

☞Knife Jugglers, Belly Dancers & Hoopers.


☞The Rubbish Sideshow Presents...The Chicken Cabaret.
Intimate cabaret experience hidden away somewhere...find it and enjoy the show!

☞Chivaree Circus
Arial acts and roaming circus fun.

☞Caricatures by the masterous Shindy Reeha
Get your self drawn...its better than a photo.

☞Custom Animation by VJ Kara Rose
Beautifully painted animations made just for you.

☞Face Paint & Sparkles from Makeup By Maya and Squiggles & Wiggles
Get some fun on your face!!

☞Gorgeous ambient lighting by LucyNation
Painting the walls with moving light

☞Live art and hidden installations around the whole venue.

☞The Wonderland Bakery
Yummy homemade cakes and tasty teas

☞ALAN-allsorts stall
Hosted by our good chums and general nut bags the ALAN crew this is the place to buy all your raving wears.

☞Candy Floss, Popcorn & BBQ
nom nom nom...

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

Stay tuned for more tricks and treats as they come.

This is an over 18s event so please bring ID

See you in the Fairground!!


TICKET LINK HERE http://www.theticketsellers.co.uk/tickets/carousel/10026104/?ref=p5796-glitch 

ORIGINAL EVENT PAGE HERE http://www.facebook.com/carouselfestival?ref=ts&fref=ts

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Review: Koan Sound / Opiuo / ARP101 / Asa & Sorrow @ Jacks Club, London, 28 March 2013

“How was Bristol last night?” I ask Opiuo just before he plays. “It was incredible, one of the best shows I've played in ages” he enthuses. A home town return show for Koan Sound after two successive tours to the US and Canada, the after party was apparently pretty good by all accounts too. "Lots of our friends were out" Will from Koan tells me, grinning. London has a lot to live up to, but with a line up like tonight's it shouldn't have much trouble.

When we arrive with the UK Glitch Hop crew, Inspected Records’ Asa and Sorrow are playing to a dark, half-filled tunnel. We can only make out their silhouettes bobbing against minimal smoky purple back lighting. The music is deep and rhythmic, like everything dubstep used to be before it got angry and abused. Riddims keep building and layering throughout the rest of set. It’s impossible not to dance. I’d expected something more mellow, but am entirely satisfied with the energetic intricacy of what I get served. The tunnel fills up.

Next up is ARP101, someone I’ve been hoping to see since around this time last year when he released a few 80s infused synth-funk mid-tempo tracks. A bit like Bobby Tank a year ago, the first half of the set sounds distinctly West Coast. Lots of head nodding, popping, sluggish beats and Joker-esque purple sounds and washing synths. Heaven. The second part of the set falls into a bit of a trap, and I am ever so slightly disappointed not to hear more of last year’s boogified funk, but then that’s always the trouble with bringing expectations to the party. Tastes change.

“This is all a 100% original material” (or something to that effect) announces Opiuo as he takes the stage, and the energy switches straight up the minute the first stacks of bouncing funk jack in. You quickly get the feeling that this is the most fun dance music being played in any club in the world right now. So fat you need a machete to slice it. The place goes nuts to Ray Charles re-funked. Opiuo dances around behind the controls like a kid on a mini trampoline, drumsticks in hand. He uses them to effect on the pads in the build-up for ‘Robo Booty’. Some of the crowd may have discovered Opiuo for the first time through his Sly Fox remix for Koan Sound and there’s certainly a big cheer of recognition in the room when it comes in; the first sniff of the headliners to follow.  

“Are you ready to slow it down now?” he asks about two thirds of the way through. This is where the soul flavour really comes in, with all the vocal tracks from the recent Butternut Slap series. At some point there’s an ipad making noises. The climax comes with a Slurp and Giggle album track as the crowd lose their shit to the squelching skank of ‘Lost Moinal’. “Keep it moving like libation”. Then the jokes humour of Pharcyde’s ‘Yo Mamma’s So Fat’ rounds off the set with some good times 90s hip hop flavour.

The room's got almost as much raw, wall-busting, sweatbox energy as Oscar’s first London appearance at Whomp in October, but the bigger crowd is more reflective of his talent and he’s loving every minute of it as much as we are.

Jim and Will from Koan Sound haven’t left the stage all this time, enjoying the spectacle as much as anyone else. I’d heard that they tend to DJ sets rather than live, but that's often the case for acts just a few EPs in. I’m expecting them to be brilliant, ranging from from dubstep to d’n’b, but I’m still surprised and delighted by the variety, speed and effortless flow that follows. Staring off in mid-tempo territory, it’s not long before we hit classics by Habstrakt and Tipper, then change down into trap, the two step of Culprate’s ‘Two’, his remix of Freq Nasty’s ‘Dread at the Controls’, up into Reso, Snoop and Dre, ‘Funkblaster’, Foreign Beggars, Teknian, Om Unit’s ‘Kramphaft’ refix, ‘Meanwhile’, Beasties, ‘80s Fitness’. 

This might sound like a now familiar list of classics, but the set constantly shifts, comfortably skipping around tempos and style, never standing still. The impression is of impeccable wide-ranging taste and tight skills honed over the recent months on the road. In the middle of all this Opiuo launches himself off the stage into the waiting hands below and crowd-surfs to the middle of the room. 

The last 20 minutes has everyone dancing their socks off to shakin’ d’n’b and neurofunk. Never boring, always interesting. Right on point.

You can’t help but be excited by whatever’s next for Koan Sound (An album? Live show? A cross genre EP?) They've certainly proved that they've got the talent to join their heroes Opiuo and Noisia on the world stage and enough fans already to be able to showcase their friends to new audiences in the UK and overseas. Here’s hoping that they continue to get the support which has seen the likes of OSWLA label boss Skrillex take it interstellar. “This one is about to drop.”

*Koan Sound were voted winners of no less than three UK Glitch Hop Awards 2012*
Best Producer, Best Live Act and Best EP

*Opiuo is winner of five international UK Glitch Hop Awards 2012*
Best Producer, Best Live Act, Best EP, Best Track, Best Remix