Sunday, 18 November 2012

The wait is over!! This is MakO's funky song... and Kursa + Blunt Instrument remixes of it

Coventry neuro producer MakO first teased us with this fluoro-funk brainsplurge and it's addictive vocal tick on Soundcloud eight months ago. Since then it's had 16,498 plays and 482 favourites on his stream alone. Now, after the longest ear-tease ever, you can finally get your sweaty paws on it thanks to Adapted Records, with tasty remixes by fellow Brit Kursa and Brisbane's Blunt Instrument to boot! The Blunts remix is a stripped back full-fat bass wobble, while Kursa oscarllates (geddit?) between floaty build ups and filthy high end bass massages, both keeping the essence of the original intact. The digital cover art by Point Zero Productions is delicious too. Good job Corey!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lower the Boom!! Itchy & Skratchy DJs glitchtape

After 9 years of playing together Itchy & Skratchy DJ’s Jackatak, Hame One & Antidote have taken a decidedly glitch direction of late. Check out the tracklist in this groove... and the cheeky Opiuo sample recorded at Whomp last month!

Itchy & Skratchy DJs Intro
Off Kilter VIP– Tipper
Spell on you – Mustard Tiger [Mouldy Soul remix]
Loist Moinal – Opiuo
Clip Clap with a Boom Shwack – Funkdamunk
Mr B – Griz
Without a Passport (WOP) – Rubber headz
Next Episode – Staunch
Contact – Goosebumpz
Robo Booty – Opiuo (Teknizm vs Lucky HZ & Clufe remix) 
San Francisco – Alias & Benson (Itchy Re-Rub) 
Character – Quade (Dephicit Remix) – (Itchy Re-Rub)
Gutter fruit – Dephicit Rokkit
Snot - Sunmonx

Friday, 16 November 2012

I'M CONTAGIOUS! Free glitchy bass compilation compiled by Wonk#ay Records bossman Bunkle

Wonk#ay Records release free music from the twisted end of the listening spectrum. Their last downtempo compilation included tracks from Kursa and Zen Death Squad back before you'd even heard of them, while 2012 has seen the release of Kursa's debut EP and Olmec's first mid tempo four-track. In other words, a new selection from label boss Bunkle is worth paying attention to, glitches.

This time round we open with a cinematic string build up from Thunder VIP clearing the way for Wattknot's twisted electro-glitch, rumbling into skanking robot bass juju from Olmec, an arm bouncing funk throwdown from Lionel Glitchy (responsible for one of the best Make It Bun Dem re-glitches), furious stumbling pulse stabs from Duskky, filthy bumping saw bass stylings from M3H, Dirty Job's surprisingly understated half-speed hype dubstep, tumbling techno-esque twostep from Hurtdeer and a nuerofunk foot-twister by ASVRA to cap it off. There really isn't a bad track on here. If you like music with a dirty edge, what are you waiting for? IT'S FREE!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Jump Music JUMP001: Hungry Man, Harky, Wascal & Spenghead

Jump Music didn't so much as push the Thursday night launch button on The Meteor stage at Glade, they blasted a hole in the festival with it. Now they're ready to release their first label compilation JUMP001 featuring remixes and originals by Hungry Man, Harky, Wascal and Spenghead... all for FREE!

Get a cheeky listen in here...

... and check out these wicked videos to get you in the mood.

We LOVE the early experiments in motion tracking re-glitched for Wascal and Harky! Classic.

Maksim funk bangers, free for 5,000 likes

Badman glitch MC Maksim's gonna release this incredible funk banger with Hurley & Mr Bonez as part of a whole free EP when he reaches 5,000 likes on Facewaste - get clicking glitches!!

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Love Filth @ Vibe Bar, Friday 16 November: Krossbow, It Takes Two To Tango, Sweet Jesus, Head of State, Dyson

Remember how good Friday on The Meteor at Glade Festival was? Love Filth are going to be recreating some of that glitch hop and drumstep goodness magic next Friday at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane, with Krossbow (Colony Productions/Simplify Recordings), It Takes Two To Tango (Simplify Recordings), Sweet Jesus (Uppercut/The Meteor), Head of State (Uppercut/The Meteor), Dyson (Love Filth) plus MC's Skola X & Rizlablu. Get in!

Love Filth
8 - 1am, Friday 16 November
Vibe Bar, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Royal Breakspear Company EP out today!

Hear yea, hear yea! After months of teasing, Skanky Panky big man William Breakspear releases the Royal Breakspear Company EP today. It's a total belter, packed with bass jumping, booty bumping collaborations from some of the UK's finest: Mouldy Soul, Krossbow, Jiffster and WhiteNoiseBoy, as well as long time Skanky Panky affiliate K+Lab from NZ, plus a banging VIP of Vowel Mouthed, the classic SP collab with co-honcho SixAM. BUY IT HERE!

As a further visual collaboration, for Nervous System with Krossbow The Brothers Lynch have made this wicked POV suburban Parkour gaming video with runners Mathanda Mutero and Patrick Howeson:

Mouldy Soul will pay for friends... with free music!

Mouldy Soul's gonna give away The Harangu EP for free when he gets 1,000 likes on Facewaste. What are you waiting for? We love the mindblowing cover....