Friday, 16 November 2012

I'M CONTAGIOUS! Free glitchy bass compilation compiled by Wonk#ay Records bossman Bunkle

Wonk#ay Records release free music from the twisted end of the listening spectrum. Their last downtempo compilation included tracks from Kursa and Zen Death Squad back before you'd even heard of them, while 2012 has seen the release of Kursa's debut EP and Olmec's first mid tempo four-track. In other words, a new selection from label boss Bunkle is worth paying attention to, glitches.

This time round we open with a cinematic string build up from Thunder VIP clearing the way for Wattknot's twisted electro-glitch, rumbling into skanking robot bass juju from Olmec, an arm bouncing funk throwdown from Lionel Glitchy (responsible for one of the best Make It Bun Dem re-glitches), furious stumbling pulse stabs from Duskky, filthy bumping saw bass stylings from M3H, Dirty Job's surprisingly understated half-speed hype dubstep, tumbling techno-esque twostep from Hurtdeer and a nuerofunk foot-twister by ASVRA to cap it off. There really isn't a bad track on here. If you like music with a dirty edge, what are you waiting for? IT'S FREE!

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