Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lower the Boom!! Itchy & Skratchy DJs glitchtape

After 9 years of playing together Itchy & Skratchy DJ’s Jackatak, Hame One & Antidote have taken a decidedly glitch direction of late. Check out the tracklist in this groove... and the cheeky Opiuo sample recorded at Whomp last month!

Itchy & Skratchy DJs Intro
Off Kilter VIP– Tipper
Spell on you – Mustard Tiger [Mouldy Soul remix]
Loist Moinal – Opiuo
Clip Clap with a Boom Shwack – Funkdamunk
Mr B – Griz
Without a Passport (WOP) – Rubber headz
Next Episode – Staunch
Contact – Goosebumpz
Robo Booty – Opiuo (Teknizm vs Lucky HZ & Clufe remix) 
San Francisco – Alias & Benson (Itchy Re-Rub) 
Character – Quade (Dephicit Remix) – (Itchy Re-Rub)
Gutter fruit – Dephicit Rokkit
Snot - Sunmonx

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