Thursday, 8 March 2012

Review: Incognito at Psychosocial, Brighton, 3 March 2010

Thanks to Liquid Djems (Atomic Drop / Liquid Records) and friends, Brighton has a two new alternating nights, Brighton Bass and Incognito. With the promise of regular glitch in the line up, and the specific lure of Nimbus and Kursa, plus a convenient 7th birthday party, I went down to check out the more psychedelic of the sister nights, the inaugural Incognito.

Both nights take place at Psycho Social, formerly the Ocean Rooms, providing three floors of multi-genre bass music. We got there just in time for Nimbus on the ground floor, playing a really danceable set that spanned bouncing glitch hop, funky dubwise and psychedelic mid-tempo breaks. Jae Nimbus is someone who seems to have an eternally sunny disposition, which really comes through in his music in feel good vibes and dance-abilty. By the end of the set the hazy purple ambiance was packed with smiling dancers. He's recently been signed by Liquid Records with a release due in May and a slot at Glade, one to watch out for this year!

I had to skip Slackbaba to see KURSA play upstairs in a back to back set with WonKay Records boss Bunkle. The top room of Pyschosocial is one of those mirrored, leather sofa affairs that seems like it was designed for champagne quaffing, chang chugging, R&B nights, rather than dirty bass; but somehow it seemed to fit rather well. As it turned out, they each played pretty much a full 30-45 minute set, with just one switch over in between. The first half of KURSA's set consisted of his crisp brand of neuro-hop - funking basslines and popping snares - which gradually accelerating into dubstep and some pretty heavy technical drum and bass. He's definitely mining a sound in a similar vein to Koan Sound, which seems a pretty good bet right now and with very tasty upcoming releases on Adapted Records and WonKay, he's another one to keep an eye on in 2012.

Bunkle closed the B2B with some nicely varied dubstep and dancehall bass before we rolled back downstairs for the empress of electro filth Mary Miss Fairy for a brilliantly broken set. Although I'm not really into psytrance these days, which was supposedly the main draw in the basement, if rooms 2 and 3 at your night are this good then you must be doing something right.

The next Brighton Bass is on Saturday 7 April. We'll keep you posted of more glitch in the line up!

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