Thursday, 10 January 2013

REMIX COMPETITION - Adapted Records - Lucky

CALLING ALL PRODUCERS! Are you ready to adapt? Remix stems for Lucky available from Adapted Recprds' Facewaste page - you have until 21 February to get your entry in. Rules of engagement are below

Remix stems are up here is gonna be a layout of how we select the winners.
Conditions: Contest starts Thursday Jan 10th 2013
1. There is 1 & 1/2 Months to Complete & Upload your tune as titled "Lucky - Au5, Auratic, I.Y.F.F.E ( {Artist Name}, Adapted Records Remix ) Official winners will be announced 2 weeks after the contest ends then released along side the single with 3 remixers all which will be selected from the contest so lets see your best!
2. Judgement for Final round which we will announce after the upload time. the first week we will decide by standard of comments likes over all sharing by no means are you to give for free download. Previews only, preferable clips potentially anything though, We endorse any blogging to help support your remix just no downloads as we would like to reserve all distribution to adapted unless for what ever reason you want to just give away or keep for an exclusive we are excited for this just as much! <3
3. All genres are accepted we are excited to see everyone's remix of our original, Final call for winners will be 60% Production Quality, 30% Promotion / Plays, 110 % Inspiration & Originality, 200%!. That being said the top ten final contestant will be completely judged 50/50 on Promotion & Production which will leave for a very open final round.
4. Have fun kick ass an get cracking lets hear who wants to get "Lucky" ! :)

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