Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mouldy Soul Down Under, Australia/UK tour January/February/March 2013

So while were all back in the UK freezing our nuts off, Mouldy Soul's enjoying himself in the Aussie summer with the Adapted Records crew, eating shrimp off the barbie (we know it's true, it was in an Opiuo track), downing some kind of beer that definitely isn't F*sters and trying his hardest not to get a tan. Bastard. Anyway, here are the tour dates....

18th Jan - Melbourne, @Brown Alley with Mustard Tiger, Mister Rogers & Goosebumpz
1st Feb - Sydney, @UFO Club with Mr Rogers, Mustard Tiger and Staunch
9th Feb - Outdoor day party in Perth
12th Feb - Perth w/ Love & Light
15th -18th Feb - Earth Frequency Festival
16th - London, :: Illumination :: @ The Coronet, w/ Beats Antique, Gaudi, Kursa, Nimbus
29th - London, Distant Tremor presents a night of BASS! @ Union w/ AMB, Quanta, ISO

...and here's a video we recorded with Rich at Glade Festival 2012, talking about why he loves Australian glitch hop so much. We hope it makes him homesick enough to come back.

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