Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Distant Tremor presents a night of BASS! w/ AMB / Mouldy Soul / Quanta / EurythmY / ISO - @ Union, Vauxhall, Friday 29 March

We can't gush enough about how excited we are to see AMB back in London! Someone who could be seen alongside Tipper as one of the pioneers of what we now call glitch hop, Ambrus was living in London and making glitchy breaks way back in the day, founding Chi Recordings in 2000. He's since found himself at the head of a rapidly growing Hungarian glitch hop scene, while his live sets and production skills are in demand worldwide. (NB. His influence is probably bigger that we're even aware of - just check out the list of people he masters for here!)  

As for Distant Tremors, it's brilliant to see the emergence of another glitch hop infused club night start up in London. Known for their club and squat parties in the London Psytrance scene, the guys behind Distant Tremor are trying something a little different for 2013 and have created a line up with a distinctly psychedelic mid-tempo flavour. 

Quanta, another production whizz from South West Wales represents the trippy dub vibes of New Zealand's Enig'matik Records, while we're delighted to see Eurythmy getting a main room slot after first being introduced to his gorgeously melodic music by Mouldy Soul on Glitch.fm. Speaking of whom, if Mouldy Soul's set at ::Illumination:: on Saturday is anything to go by, he's going to blow the roof off at Union! We're also really looking forward to -ISO- (first played on Glitch.fm by the Morbidly Obese Midget), plus residents Atman Construct and Forever Blind who have been feeding quality glitch mixes into our Soundcloud group for the last year. Oh, and there's some short fat fellow playing too.

If you like your mid-tempo to be mind-tweaking, this is not to be missed!

[ - AMB - Adapted Records/Simplify Recordings (Hungary) - ]

[ - Mouldy Soul - Adapted Records (UK) - ]

[ - Quanta - Enig'matic / Addictech (UK) - ]

[ - EurythmY - Synescopc Artifacts (UK) - ]

[ - Morbidly Obese Midget - Glitch.fm / UK Glitch Hop (UK) - ]

[ - Atman Construct - Distant Tremor (UK) - ]

[ - ISO - (UK) - ]

[ - Foreverblind - Distant Tremor (UK) - ]

Union, Vauxhall
Tickets £10 + bf :

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