Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Live report: RAWK Music Episode 1, Worcester

Saturday night saw Worcester shaken to it's foundations with the first RAWK music. Niiko reports for UK Glitch Hop...

The sleepy city of Worcester has very little connection to the world of Electronic Dance Music. The local nightclub (aptly named Tramps) injects weekly doses of chart trash into the student hordes, providing little more than the occasional Skrillex track to those of a more electronic persuasion. That sucks.

But then... RAWK came along in a flash of light with a deep rumble of bass to hype it up for one solid night of filthy, glitchy, chest pounding bass music. We set out with the aim of creating a vibrant and colourful environment in which to bombard our guests with the music we love. We threw them an eclectic mix of filthy electronica from dirty electro and dubstep to glitch-hop and breaks. We poured blood sweat and money (we don't cry) into the planning for episode 1.

Thankfully, the night was a huge success and solidly marks the start of our invasion of the Bass Music scene. The Glitch-hop for the night was provided by RAWK resident DJ Orangudan, who's set well and truly set the tone for the rest of the night. Hammering the floor with wave after wave of whompy, stuttery, bass driven tracks... followed by an uproar from the crowd and calls for more. For a few amongst the crowd, this was their first exposure to the glitch-hop genre, and they were treated to the best of it.

RAWK will be throwing one off nights in Worcester every three months and work has start on setting up dates in Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

Find us on facebook here and keep an eye out for future events.

More music from Orangudan here -

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