Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Glitch Hop guide to Secret Garden Party 2012

For anyone searching for last minute set times here's our quick-print UK Glitch Hop guide to Secret Garden Party 2012! For those who don't know, The Drop is co-programmed by the Uppercut team behind The Meteor so expect plenty of bass action there. Temple of Boom also has killer line up...

@ Secret FM 87.9FM
5pm Hungry Man & Harky (Jump Music)

@ The Forum
 5pm Hungry Man talk on music = fun

@ The Drop
6pm Shamanic Technology
8pm Slugabed (Donky Pitch)
9pm Beat3 (Uppercut)
10pm Your Niece (Uppercut)

@ Circus Kinetica
12am Hungry Man (Jump Music)

 @ Circus Kinetica
10.30pm Harky (Jump Music)

@ Temple of Boom 
4am FreQ Nasty

@ Collo-Silly-Um
4.30am Your Niece (Uppercut)

@ Feral Fever (Badger Rave)
7pm Hungry Man (Jump Music)

@ The Drop
8pm  sixAM (Skanky Panky)
9pm William Breakspear (Skanky Panky)


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