Monday, 27 February 2012

UK Glitch Hop: Feburary round-up

So first things first, we've now got our first ever weekly show on Glitch FM! Huge thanks to everyone who tuned in for the Morbidly Obese Midget DJ set and Zen Death Squad interview on Wednesday. Here at last is the (rescued) recording on our new Soundcloud account where we'll archive all the shows in future. Tune in this Wednesday 10-12pm for Your Niece!

Akira Kiteshi's album should be out anytime now. Check out this interview he's just done for BBC Introducing in Scotland complete with some 'radiophonic dolphin crunk'-style album previews

Following the strength of the DJ sets we had last month, I'm going to start pulling out a 'mixtape of the month' in every round up form now. Last month Orangudan clinched from some tough competition, but this month it has to be to DJ Primer for this epic mid-tempo journey. The mixing and tune progression are spot on, especially the middle hour, and there's a lot of fresh tunes in there and plenty of Skanky Panky action.

Talking of Skanky Panky, they've got all guns blazing at the moment. While we all wait for Breakspear's album to drop they've been busy teasing us with the Sedge Warbler remixes, including some tasty arrangements from Cut La Roc and label boss SixAM

Even if you're not mad keen on that Jiffster track, do check out some of the Liverpudlian's own tunes on Soundcloud. They seem to span quite a nice range of mostly more down-tempo electronica. This one is the most glitch hop of the lot, but comes from quite a fresh angle at the same time

And lastly here's a clip of Breakspear's lastest remix to keep your mouth watering. He's going to be taking the Glitch FM show on Wednesday 3 March

Leaving the Skanky ones well alone now, but keeping it 'oop North, Wolfie Razzmatazz produced one of my favourite mash ups of last summer - Opiuo vs. swing violinist Stuff Smith. This set gives you a full hour of the best glitch and swing from the likes of JFB, JPod, Vent and Dutty Moonshine

Another purveyor of fine bass and swing mash-ups is Barely Legit aka DJ Dodgy Style from Exeter, who's released 'Organic Clown High' as a free download this month

Picking up the funk, Pistol Shrimp from Bristol has his first EP, 'Kaleidoscope', coming out through L.A. label Prime Dub sometime soon. This is the third track he's previewed from it and my favourite so far. 80s synth-wave glitch hop gets my vote. If you've not done so before, go search for BBC Wildlife videos of Pistol Shrimps

Also from Bristol, I've been really loving this Beat Dweebs Valentine's freebie since it went up

Your Niece is going to be featuring a guest mix from Shamanic Technology on his upcoming show. He's recently uploaded a bunch of tunes from an forthcoming release called 'The Inexplicable Something'

That most prolific of mildew affected spiritualists, Mouldy Soul's been previewing more laid back tasty treats...

If you'd like to be included in future round-ups, add your tunes and mixes to the UK Glitch Hop Soundcloud Group or post them to Facewaste. If you want to hear your tunes on Glitch.FM email your dubs to: uk glitch hop at g mail dot com!

And lastly, if you've been missing out on the romance this month, this is for you!

Big love from the UK Glitch Hop fam x

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